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Lifting of MUT directive regarding Maltese

December 9, 2019 at 9:34 am

Lifting of MUT directive regarding Maltese

The MUT is lifting the directive issued re loading of teachers of Maltese. The MUT has been in communication with the respective directorate regarding the situation of Maltese. Following intense discussions, the situation has been solved according to the following terms:

– The number of tasks is being reduced to twelve per year.
– Tasks which were going to be held during the first term shall not be held. This is in accordance with the principle that work which is not carried out during directives shall not be carried out once directives are lifted. MUT is thus expecting the number of tasks to be carried out this year to amount to 8.
– No ticking shall be carried out during the first term.
– Deadlines of submission of exam papers (forms 4 HY, Form 5 annual and annuals for all forms) need to be extended. The date needs to be agreed with HODs after consulting teachers.
– The percentage change to 70/30 needs to be included in the online system as the previous percentage is still in place.
– Training on reporting needs to be provided to all grades.

The MUT shall continue to follow any issues regarding the said teachers.

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