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Have your say on gender equality in education!

April 4, 2017 at 11:13 am

Have your say on gender equality in education!

The MUT is currently part of a project called GET UP (Gender Equality Training to overcome Unfair discrimination Practices in education and labour market) and is currently conducting a survey aiming to collect views and opinions on the issue of gender-related bias in education and at the workplace in the European Union member states. We would be grateful if you could support us with your contribution – click HERE to start the survey. Deadline is 24th April 2017.

Education and career paths are often guided by gender-based stereotypes from the first stages. It demonstrates an important cultural gap not only within the society as a whole, but also in the professional figures which play an important role for the individuals in transition periods – especially for those youngsters who might be easily influenced. Professionals working with youngsters therefore need to increase their skills and competences on gender equality, thus raising awareness on gender stereotypes at the workplace.

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