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Further blatant Recruitment Abuse at Stella Maris Senior College

September 25, 2015 at 2:33 pm

Further blatant Recruitment Abuse at Stella Maris Senior College

The MUT has once again written to Archbishop Scicluna on allegations of malpractice and abuse which are still being received by the Union. The most recent case received happened at Stella Maris College Senior School, where a fully-qualified regular teacher was terminated under probation without any reason following a series of positive feedback related to his performance. While this is in the employer’s right to do so, the Union is informed that instead of this teacher a non-qualified person was employed. This person is a first degree relative to a prominent public figure who also happens to have a role in the recently set up college board of trustees. Meanwhile other malpractice instances in this case include the call for applications being issued while the teacher was still in employment and the termination being so late that other calls were all closed by the time this teacher became unemployed.

In view of all this, the MUT asked the office of the Archbishop to take urgent stock of the situation and investigate accordingly the long list of alleged abuses occuring regularly at this school.

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