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Directive to Secondary Schools SMT on 5th Form CCP

January 15, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Directive to Secondary Schools SMT on 5th Form CCP

The MUT has been made aware of last minute decisions effecting 5th Form CCP students, which decisions imply changes to logistics and planning by Secondary School SMT Members. The MUT notes that this situation is symptomatic of the lack of advance planning by the education authorities resulting in disruption of local planning by school SMT and the work of the whole school community.

In view of this situation, the MUT is directing Secondary School SMT members not to carry out any further administrational work related to changes being imposed this year regarding 5th Form CCP students until such time as an agreement is reached with the MUT. In the mean time the Union has asked for an urgent meeting with the three directorates which meeting will take place in the coming days.

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