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Directive on SDH Responsive Teaching Tool training

September 25, 2019 at 4:27 pm

Directive on SDH Responsive Teaching Tool training

The MUT is informed that guidance teachers, student services personnel and prefects of discipline are being expected to attend the SDH Responsive Teaching Tool training which shall lead to new duties being introduced without discussion with the Union. The MUT has always seen the benefit of all training held and has often refrained from issuing directives on training. In this case it is clear that the workload is being imposed on the said grades to satisfy the conditions of a project which is unrelated to the area. The Union is consequently directing Student Services grades, Prefects of Discipline, Guidance Teachers and all educators to refrain from attending the said training and any future one and to refrain from carrying out any work on the same.

Update: Attendance of CoPE training related to this topic is included in this directive.

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