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Directive on Publishing of Assessment Mark Sheets

February 19, 2016 at 4:55 pm

Directive on Publishing of Assessment Mark Sheets

The MUT wrote to the CIO at the Office of the Permanent Secretary at MEDE after queries were received from schools regarding a circular in which it was stated that “the assessment mark sheets will be published on the parental access on the 6th working day after the final exam as in line with any agreements”. The Union noted that such a reference is not included in any agreement as the Government-MUT agreement of 2010 specifies that “Marked Scripts shall be returned within six (6) working days from the date of the respective examination”.

The MUT, while noting that one cannot expect that marks are processed for distribution on the sixth working day, the issue is being contested on the basis that most schools are used to provide exam marks during parents’ days. This arrangement, which has been widely adopted for years, ensures that exam marks are explained to parents and not simply uploaded.

In view of this, the MUT has requested that this direction is withdrawn with immediate effect. Also, since the circular has not been withdrawn, the Union has no option but to direct schools to ignore the communication and instead follow the 2010 agreement.

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