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Directive on duties related to new attendance project

October 23, 2019 at 5:00 pm

Directive on duties related to new attendance project

The MUT wrote to the DG DES after it was informed that the National School Support Services (NSSS) is expecting SMT and Guidance Teachers to work on a new project on attendance. The MUT stated that this initiative was never discussed with the Union and the workload involved is considerable and additional to the current loading of such grades. The MUT believes that initiatives are being shifted to schools by the NSSS, which is in panic mode in view of the current directives related to Student Services Grades.

In view of this, the MUT has directed all SMT and Guidance Teachers in State schools to refrain from carrying out any duties on the said project. Should this initiative be shifted to other grades, the MUT shall also extend the directive to all affected grades. Any pressure should be reported through the usual channels.

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