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UPDATED: Directive – All schools regarding two PQs

September 27, 2017 at 8:43 am

UPDATED: Directive – All schools regarding two PQs

All Heads of Schools and SMT members are being directed to refrain from replying to PQs 1437 and 1439 of 25th September 2017. The MUT would like to remind members about the long-standing directive on PQs and information which is already collected. All teaching grades, including SMT members, are to refrain from writing and giving information in relation to PQs, Circulars or other requests if the information requested was already given in one form or another to the Directorates and/or the Ministry.

The Union is also formally objecting about the said PQs which are questioning the number of complaints received about teachers, investigations carried out and actions taken. The Union would instead welcome PQs questioning the number of times teachers have to make up for lack of resources, lack of support, students’ behavioural issues, parental pressure and demands from everyone.

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