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Derogatory comments against educators reported

September 26, 2017 at 5:19 pm

Derogatory comments against educators reported

The MUT was in communication with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at MEDE after it received reports from members about unwarranted and highly unethical posts on facebook by an IT technician employed with a service provider commissioned by the Ministry to service laptops for educators. The Union stated that it will not tolerate situations where an employee of a service provider writes derogatory comments which clearly show that he has no work ethics and is not fit to service educators’ resources.

In his reply, the CIO agreed that such comments are needless and unprincipled and forwarded the complaint to the service provider, who in turn stated that the comments made were unacceptable, inappropriate and do not reflect the opinion of the company. While the posts have been deleted, the company stated that the necessary disciplinary action has been taken accordingly.

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