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Clearing of classrooms resources – objections

September 4, 2020 at 11:44 am

Clearing of classrooms resources – objections

The MUT received reports and evidence about a number of schools who unfortunately are acting in panic mode following the publication of the protocol. Situations of resources being dumped in corners, furniture being piled, classes being emptied in a rush are some examples of what is happening in some schools. This situation is the result of lack of direction and planning, something the MUT has been insisting upon for months.

It was evident since March that the reopening of schools required some physical measures in schools. Whilst there was sufficient time to carry out such work during summer, the lack of direction resulted in the state of panic being experienced. It is shameful to see resources belonging to educators being dumped in stores and evidently damaged in the process. The MUT demands respect towards the work and belongings of educators and is expecting the respective authorities to take responsibility of damages suffered by educators. The MUT advises members to report any damages to belongings to their respective school.

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