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Clarifications for educators on guidelines related to online teaching

March 16, 2021 at 12:44 pm

Clarifications for educators on guidelines related to online teaching

The MUT has been following all matters related to the return to online teaching due to the pandemic. The union understands that there are many different realities being faced and is making sure that everything is taken into account in the feedback provided to employers. The following are some clarifications on issues currently being faced by educators. The MUT thanks all educators for their constant support.

1. Form Teacher sessions shall be carried out during this period only if necessary. This is also due the fact that attendance is now being taken by respective teachers.

2. Creation of rooms, adding students or educators, changing groups or sending invites to students in MS Teams or other platform is beyond the duties of educators.

3. Educators are not to add SMT to their respective online groups. Class visits may be carried out upon request and the respective SMT member shall be included temporarily in the respective online group.

4. Student Support Services grades shall work remotely until 11th April and are not to fill telework forms.

5. Year 11 (Form 5) groups shall provide support and/or lessons according to the requirements of students.

6. Relievers, Resource KGEs and LSEs shall carry out replacement duties in line with their respective roles.

7. Recorded lessons already being carried out as part of the options subjects and other subjects affected by a reduction in lesson time shall be continued. No recording of lessons is to be carried out in all other situations.

8. KGEs and teachers of Early Years shall follow a flexible approach regarding teaching. The timetable structure of Primary Schools is NOT to be used in kindergarten. The MUT and the Ministry are currently discussing specific guidelines regarding these years.

9. Vaccination appointments during school hours need to be deducted from medical leave and not from special leave. The respective appointment notice needs to be provided.

10. The MUT is informed by the respective health authorities that the remaining vaccination appointments to educators and school personnel shall be issued by the end of this week. The union shall continue to follow the situation.

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