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Catholic Education Secretariat signs agreement with MUT for Student Support Services Grades

November 15, 2022 at 1:59 pm

Catholic Education Secretariat signs agreement with MUT for Student Support Services Grades

The Secretariat for Catholic Education today signed an agreement with the Malta Union of Teachers (MUT) to cover those engaged as Student Support Services Grades. More than 20 employees who offer their services to Church schools will benefit from this agreement, which is being backdated to January 1, 2019, and reflects the one signed between MUT and the State.

The Student Support Services Grades — which include psychosocial professionals, such as counsellors and other specialisations — will now see an improvement in their salaries as well as deserved recognition for their work.

A Secretariat spokesperson said: “Discussions were lengthy as the inclusion of all support professions presented particular challenges. But over time and with good will, these were resolved. We hope this agreement will motivate our employees to remain committed in facing increased societal complexities.”

MUT President, Mr Marco Bonnici, maintained that, “this agreement has long been awaited and will lead to improvement in the financial package and working conditions of the professionals concerned. The MUT thanks members for their continuous support.”

The Secretariat thanked the MUT for the cordial discussions, and the Education Ministry for recognising its pivotal role in the service it provided in the educational field, in particular to Church schools. It also thanked the support professionals who persistently and patiently took part in the process, while pursuing their practice in schools.

Spokespersons for the Secretariat and the MUT agreed that “this collective collaboration attitude augurs well for future negotiations involving these critical stakeholders for the ultimate benefit of employees, students and their families.”

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