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Attention Valletta Primary Members

November 11, 2015 at 4:55 pm

Attention Valletta Primary Members

Following an exchange of correspondence with the MEDE the Union has a written declaration which states that in case of an incident caused by circumstances surrounding the whole day outing for children due to the fact that the school is being closed for security reasons, the Permanent Secretary will be assuming personal responsibility.

Moreover the Head of school will be carrying the mobile numbers of all parents of children at the school and during the outdoor activities any problem will be reported to him by the person in charge of each group and he will be phoning the parents immediately.

The Union has made it crystal clear that in case of any incident due to 3rd parties and/or circumstances surrounding none its members will be held responsible but the Union will hold the Principal and the Head responsible for any consequences on its members. The Union has also protested at the fact that the government ignored the pleas of teachers and educators in the school on these activities, choosing instead to allow high ranking officials to put everyone at risk without any consideration for responsibility in case of incidents.

In light of the fact that members have been exonerated of legal responsibility by the Permanent Secretary, and since the school has put in place an emergency set up, the Union is hereby directing its members to attend to the activities as planned by the school and to inform it immediately in case of difficulties and/or problems.

Earlier (8.25AM): All Union Members at Valletta Primary

The MUT would like to clarify to all members at the Valletta Primary school that as per Ministry’s direction tomorrow the school will be closed. This means that the school will be closed for the day, and this does not only refer to the building but also to all school functions. Therefore members at this school are NOT to report for work on THURSDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2015. In the mean time the Union has informed the MEDE that its orders were apparently ignored by the College.

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