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100 Trees for 100 Years

November 12, 2019 at 4:19 pm

100 Trees for 100 Years

the Malta Union of Teachers and the Ħamrun Local Council

As one of the activities marking the 100th anniversary from its foundation, the Malta Union of Teachers is donating 100 trees to the Ħamrun community which is the locality where the Union inaugurated its new headquarters a month ago. The MUT has therefore teamed up with the Ħamrun Local Council as part of the initiative that should increase the awareness about the importance of greenery in the locality.

The MUT and the Ħamrun Local Council believe in the educational aspect of such initiatives and hence will be distributing these trees, which are currently in pots, to all schools in Ħamrun. With the permission of the respective State and Church Directorates and the Heads of schools who all agreed to participate, each school will receive approximately ten to fifteen trees so that the school community, particularly students, can contribute towards the experience. At the end of this scholastic year, participating schools may either keep the trees to be planted within the school environment, or depending on respective facilities, return the trees to the Local Council in order to find them a permanent place in the locality.

Speaking during a press conference, MUT President Marco Bonnici stated that “this area is an ideal home for the MUT since it is considered as one of the largest educational centres in the Maltese islands, with Ħamrun alone having nine compulsory education schools. Since it has been a tradition by the MUT to mark its anniversaries with a tree planting activity, we decided to choose trees as our contribution. Just like education, trees require long term nourishment and cultivation but are essential for life. I also hope that this activity inspires other entities to do similar activities within their localities. The Union thanks the Ħamrun community and the mayor for all the support given since we made our big move from Valletta to Ħamrun”.

On his part, Ħamrun Local Council Mayor Christian Sammut said “it is gratifying that the MUT chose Ħamrun for its offices. Apart from being a central locality, the Council is doing everything possible to get more offices and brands to be part of our regeneration of Triq il-Kbira in Ħamrun. With this initiative we look forward to continue with our work with schools in Ħamrun so that we improve our environment with the help of students. This environmental project is important and therefore I congratulate the MUT for this initiative and for its important work in the education sector. I look forward to seeing others taking similar initiatives”.

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