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Urgent Information Requested from Heads on School Attendance

September 4, 2015 at 12:05 pm

Urgent Information Requested from Heads on School Attendance

The MUT wrote to the DG Operations in relation to communication issued from his office to schools regarding school attendance. The MUT is informed that the DG’s office is requesting Heads of Schools to carry out some urgent work in relation to student attendance. Members in fact informed the Union that a list of students was provided, and in some instances it amounts to hundreds of names, and that it is impossible to carry out such work in the stipulated time and during this period. Furthermore the Union received reports that parents are calling schools to blame them for the Eur 400 which they will not receive due to some issue with attendance.

In reply to this, the DG stated that he had to intervene urgently on this matter and is currently verifying matters with the Ministry for the Family and Social Policy. Meanwhile the verification period of students in schools is being extended. The Union will be following this issue closely to keep its members informed especially in view of any Directives being issued relating to this issue. School administrators are also being invited to contact the Union should they have any difficulties relating to this matter.

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