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Updates COVID-19 following first case reported in Malta

March 7, 2020 at 2:38 pm

Updates COVID-19 following first case reported in Malta

Update 14.38pm. The MUT has been in contact with the respective Health and educational authorities and has received the confirmation that attendance data was checked and the affected student and sibling have not attended school. The MUT appeals for responsibility at this stage. The affected student and her sibling are part of a school community and they shall remain part of it. As educators we must be supportive and united to overcome this situation whilst taking all necessary precautions.

Update 12.57pm. Whilst wishing a speedy recovery to the affected student, the MUT has requested the authorities to verify that the student and her sibling have effectively not attended school. This should be carried out through daily attendance records and not in any other way. The MUT is waiting for this confirmation.

Update 11.16am. We are following developments re covid-19 and we are in contact with authorities. Let us wait for official information and directions.

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