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Updated: MUT position- Naxxar MS incident

June 9, 2023 at 10:10 am

Updated: MUT position- Naxxar MS incident

The MUT refers to reporting of an incident involving two students at Naxxar Middle School. The MUT has been in communication with the Education Ministry about the incident so that all support is provided to the school and sanctions are taken. The MUT repeats its position on zero tolerance for student misbehaviour and it supports all educators who are working in schools and facing such difficult situations. The MUT calls on education authorities to be firm in their position when dealing with such situations whilst it has requested the Education Ministry to initiate discussions to update the discipline policy for State Schools.

Update 12.57. The MUT notes the corrected version of facts and welcomes the list of actions taken by the Education Ministry. The Union shall continue to follow the situation and shall remain in contact with affected members and with the Education Ministry regarding the case.

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