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Update on the Learning Outcomes Framework

January 26, 2016 at 3:20 pm

Update on the Learning Outcomes Framework

Last week the MUT Officials met the Minister for Education and Employment, the Directors General and various officials from the MEDE on the topic of Learning Outcomes Framework. During the meeting the Union expressed its concern that there is a lot of talk about the introduction of LOFs by September 2016. The MUT has made it clear that unless there is a new Sectoral Agreement between the Government and the Union, the MUT cannot accept the introduction of LOFs and will be directing its members accordingly.

The Minister and MEDE Officials agreed with the MUT that an agreement must be in place and they pledged to come up with a holistic document for the Sectoral Agreement in the coming weeks for discussion with the Union. The agreement will be voted on by representatives from all State Schools as indicated in the Union’s statute. The same process will be done for Church Schools.

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