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Update on LOF – meetings close to examinations

April 28, 2017 at 3:23 pm

Update on LOF – meetings close to examinations

The MUT wrote to the DG Operations after the Union received many complaints, especially from Primary Schools, because the scheduled meetings related to LOF will be too close to examinations. The Union asked the DG to explore the feasibility of such meetings for Primary teachers to be held after the primary examinations are over.

In a reply, the DG stated that logistics with so many sessions are complex to organise and after all each teacher will be going out of their class only once. Apart from this, the DG said that the circulars issued make it clear that whoever has a problem should contact back the organisers – some amendments have already been made to include more sessions and reduce the number of teachers attending on the same day. In conclusion, the DG asked the Union to tell members to contact his office in order to solve any arising issues.

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