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Update on issues related to LSEs

September 9, 2020 at 3:25 pm

Update on issues related to LSEs

The MUT would like to point out the following for members who are LSEs:

1. The issue related to LSEs to take over responsibility of the class when a teacher is not present has already been rejected by the MUT and is not even being considered anymore by the Ministry. Thus, any directives related to this would be redundant.

2. Health protocols were not issued by grade but by sector. Primary and Secondary School protocols have already been issued – what is being discussed at the moment is the implementation. More information will be provided during the meeting with LSEs being held next week – members are being encouraged to register as issued HERE.

3. The MUT has discussed the issue of desks and chairs in class for LSEs with the Permanent Secretary who assured the MUT that they will be provided. The MUT will include this issue as part of the discussions during the meeting with members next week.

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