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Update on feedback received on re-opening of schools

October 2, 2020 at 5:00 pm

Update on feedback received on re-opening of schools

The MUT has been working round the clock on feedback being received from members. The MUT appreciates everything that is being done by all educations to collaborate and find solutions at this difficult time. A lot, in fact, has been solved by internal discussion between staff members and this camaraderie is encouraged and supported by the MUT.

Here are some general points and updates related to common queries received. More will be issued once the MUT receives additional replies from the Ministry:

Special Leave: the MUT would like to notify members that Special Leave provisions have not changed and members should be free to apply for any amount of hours anytime during the day as per sectoral agreement, always subject to approval as per usual practice. The same applies to medical appointments’ procedure. It is not acceptable, therefore, that educators are locked in schools all day.

10 minutes in the morning waivered: the MUT has reached an agreement with MEDE that, until further notice, the 10 minutes in the morning are being waivered.

Curriculum time: payment is going to be issued if curriculum time is not provided or load exceeded in kindergarten and primary. All efforts should be made to allocate it.

LSEs 1-1: LSEs assigned to students 1-1 statement are going to be paid for the 15 minutes breaks.

Protective items for LSEs: following discussion with MEDE, LSEs shall be provided with the requested protective items.

Limited space in classrooms / amount of students / distance between students or desks: feedback related to this issue is being forwarded to the Ministry and respective employers and will be tackled on a case by case basis. Please use the form to continue to provide this type of feedback.

COVID link person: following discussion with the MUT, the expression of interest has been issued and compensation will be provided to staff to take on this duty. This includes duties related to the isolation room in collaboration with the security officer assigned to the school.

Wi-Fi internet connection: a lot of feedback has been receiving in relation to internet and Wi-Fi. Despite information that the Ministry has invested millions to resolve this issue, it seems that a lot of schools still do not adequate connectivity. This means that schools will not be able not conduct any type of streaming and/or audio-visual material.

Issues related to peripatetic/support/complimentary etc: following yesterday’s meeting, the MUT is now following closely the procedures being issued by the Ministry and will be making sure that the process is fair and quick. Any particular queries should be directed to the MUT as per usual channels.

Security in schools: after years of appeals by the MUT, it seems that security personnel with reception duties have indeed been engaged in all schools and have started this week.

LSE taking over responsibility of class when required: this issue was proposed by MEDE but was not accepted by the MUT, meaning that LSEs will not be given this duty.

Educators at high risk: this measure, which has been set up to safeguard educators at high risk, was communicated some weeks ago to educators. There were some issues of delays by MEDE in replying to educators, but they seem to have been sorted. Any issues still pending should be flagged accordingly.

Online learning: the MUT would like to remind members about its stance about online teaching and learning, particularly in relation to online streaming of lessons when there are students physically present in the class. The Union has issued its full position HERE.

Answers on other issues will be provided immediately as soon as they are finalised and received by the MUT. The union thanks all members for the continued support.

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