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United for a more humane justice system: SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

September 12, 2016 at 10:26 am

United for a more humane justice system: SIGN THE PETITION NOW!

This petition is inspired by the case of Karen Mercieca, a person who was arrested by the police on an un-investigated allegation. On that fateful day, almost 5 years ago, Karen’s life, and that of her family, turned into living hell. She was dragged through court in a case which took over 4 years to end. The court threw out the case and lambasted the police in the process, but the Attorney General decided that the outcome should be appealed. Today, almost 5 years down the line, Karen’s plight is far from over with sittings on the appeal case dragging for over one year with hardly an end in sight.

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This treatment goes to show that courts in Malta and Gozo are still largely insensitive towards citizens that end up before it, especially those hailing from families who have hardly an idea of court procedures. It is unacceptable that in this country a person is dragged through years on end of suffering in a case which could have been over in less than a year. Five, or indeed any amount of years, stolen from a person’s life are not redeemable. No amount of compensation can return back 5 years of life.

In this petition we are asking for a proper reform of the Courts of Justice to:
– be able to allow sensitive cases to be ended within reasonable time frames that are not detrimental to a person and his/her family
– be able to tackle a case holistically, with a decision on any compensation for damages accompanying the sentence rather than having the person needing to open yet another new case to obtain justice.

This petition will be delivered to:
Prime Minister of Malta – Dr Joseph Muscat
Opposition Leader – Dr Simon Busuttil
Minister for Justice – Dr Owen Bonnici

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