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The MUT Appeals with Government on Refusal of Access to School

April 7, 2016 at 11:57 am

The MUT Appeals with Government on Refusal of Access to School

The MUT has written to the Minister for Education and Employment, the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure and the Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government on a ridiculous situation which has developed in Rabat allegedly due to Local Wardens engaged by the Local Council. It seems that Local Wardens, who are patrolling the streets around St. Paul’s Missionary College, are refusing to let educators enter the school with their vehicles. The reason being given is that there is a no-entry sign, which sign has already been contested and which Transport Malta has already ordered its removal. However, even though both the Local Council and Local Wardens are aware of this, educators are being denied access to the school and in the process creating unnecessary inconveniences to educators and residents, who end up with at least 40 extra cars in their neighborhood roads.

On behalf of educators at this school, therefore, the MUT appealed with the Ministers of Government to intervene so that this situation is solved at the earliest before the Union has no other option but to issue industrial directives.

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