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MUT Press Release

May 18, 2024 at 11:38 am

MUT Press Release

The EUR 10,000 increases and a salary of EUR 36,000 to new teachers mentioned by the Education Minister are nowhere to be found in government’s financial proposals to MUT

The MUT has just published  ( )  extracts from the latest proposal of the government to MUT which clearly shows that the government never proposed  increases of EUR 10,000 or a salary of EUR 36,000 to new teachers. The MUT also published the extracts from the government proposal referring to an increase in the teaching load, the lost parity between grades currently at par and the salary arrears for 2024 leaving out 2023. It is evident that rather than finding solutions to conclude the sectoral agreement, the government is trying to save face against all odds by attempting to discredit MUT. MUT and its members shall not be intimidated and have experienced similar tactics in the past. The Union shall keep on fighting for the factual recognition of the work of educators.

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