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Sliema Local Council’s residents parking – MUT reaction

February 9, 2022 at 4:12 pm

Sliema Local Council’s residents parking – MUT reaction

Media reports are claiming that there shall be another attempt by the Sliema Local Council to introduce residents’ parking across its streets and to limit considerably parking facilities for non-residents. This decision follows the previous failed attempts by the same local council, led by its previous Major, which resulted in a one-hour strike in protest by MUT in all schools in Sliema. This action, together with pressure from sections of the public, led to the withdrawal of the decision at the time.

However, with the Local Council now forging ahead to introduce residents only parking, the MUT is presenting its objections on behalf of the many educators working in schools in Sliema. It is a shame that a local council does not recognise the work of educators, who give service to children coming from the same locality, amongst others, and is expecting that educators pay hefty parking fees in its limited private carparks or else be subject to fines. Should the Local Council forge ahead to cause hardship on educators, the MUT shall take all actions to safeguard the interest of its members working at the Sliema schools.

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