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Signing of MCAST-MUT Collective Agreement – a New Collective Agreement as a Catalyst for Change

July 27, 2018 at 2:51 pm

Signing of MCAST-MUT Collective Agreement – a New Collective Agreement as a Catalyst for Change

MCAST and the Malta Union of Teachers are pleased to announce the signing of a collective agreement for the College’s grades represented by the MUT which will see a rise in salary, resources and standards.

The renewed financial package sees a substantial increase in the salaries of MCAST academic staff, together with improved working conditions, thus recognising their level of professionalism when compared to other academic institutions. MCAST is fully aware of the staff’s workload associated with the teaching profession within vocational education, and this collective agreement will see that they will be given the necessary resources and working conditions to carry out their tasks.

The agreement also recognises the valuable contribution of Technicians, Career Advisors, Counsellors, and Learning Support Educators.

Furthermore, MCAST will ensure that staff are able to avail themselves of opportunities for further continuous professional development which will, as a result, ensure MCAST learners are also equipped with the knowledge, skills and competences needed in today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. MCAST’s entrepreneurial imprint and close relationship with industry will see the college become a meeting place for sustainable innovation, whilst learning more on the latest developments in artificial intelligence. Work-based learning will also become a central pedagogical medium to ensure high relevance of content learnt to the real world of employment.

MCAST President of the Board of Governors Mr Frederick Schembri and MCAST Principal Dr James Calleja commented:
“On the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution, this agreement will spearhead the next generation of MCAST as a catalyst for change for Maltese society, and Malta’s economy in particular. MCAST will ensure that Malta’s workforce is equipped with the right skills, competences, and hands-on knowledge to meet the demands of the continual foreign direct investment in our country. Our lecturers and staff are instrumental in carrying out this vision, and this collective agreement recognises their invaluable work and contribution. Higher salaries also imply higher responsibilities at both ends of the vocational education and training that is inclusion and excellence.”

MUT President Mr Marco Bonnici commented:
“The Malta Union of Teachers recognises MCAST as a leading institution which is evolving to continue to provide high quality vocational education. The Union has welcomed and supported the college’s drive to provide a wide variety of courses up to MQF level 7 but has equally embraced and supported the claim of its members in their requests for the recognition of their services. This agreement is a first as it raises vocational education to a new level whilst it bridges the gap between vocational institutions and other post-secondary institutions which focus on academic paths. The deserved recognition of vocational education shall be reflected in the level of esteem of the college, its courses and more importantly the achievements of its students.”


The collective agreement has been approved by an overwhelming majority of MCAST members of the Malta Union of Teachers and shall remain in force until the 31st December 2021.

This is a joint statement from MCAST and MUT.

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