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Sectoral Agreement signed between MUT and Education Ministry

December 21, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Sectoral Agreement signed between MUT and Education Ministry

Following intense negotiation and consultation processes, the Malta Union of Teachers has agreed with the Ministry for Education and Employment and signed a new Sectoral Agreement which will be effective between 2018 and 2022. This will affect all State educators in the country, with the financial aspects also reflecting on educators working in Church schools as well.

This agreement provides a vision for the development of the education sector for the next five years, invests in educators so that they can provide the best educational experience to students and respects in a concrete way all the work educators do through improvements in financials and other conditions. Through this agreement, services provided to educators will improve as well by first of all recognising the complexity of our work and by realising that we need to review and enhance a number of practices and services and offer new opportunities for further professional development of educators. This agreement is also aiming at incentivising the work of educators in class so that they can continue to render service. Last but not least, this agreement does justice to some grades which have fallen behind others.

In a comment during the press conference, the MUT President stated that “we’ve heard so much about the current crisis and we hope that in the coming years we will be seeing a better situation in our sector, with improvements to persuade young people to get into the profession while making sure that educators already in service continue with their much-needed work. The agreement has been the focus of much of the Union’s energy since the beginning of this legislature and we hope that results will speak better than any speech we might deliver today. We now look forward to make sure that all the new positive measures mentioned in this Agreement are implemented in the agreed time-frames.”

This agreement is being signed following a wide-consultation process where Union members were provided with the measures of the Sectoral Agreement and asked to provide feedback on each.

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