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Rolling call for contributions to publication “Il-Ħsieb”

July 16, 2020 at 12:16 pm

Rolling call for contributions to publication “Il-Ħsieb”

Following the issuing of the first edition of the new publication in May 2020 “Il-Ħsieb”, which can be accessed HERE, the MUT has now started working on the next editions. In view of this, the union is hereby issuing a rolling call for members interested in contributing by writing an article with the following specifications:

– topics can range from anything related to education, their experiences, trade-unionism and/or related to particular episodes in the history of education in Malta and/or the Malta Union of Teachers;
– not more than 1,000 words;
– contributors can also provide any imagery/hi-res photos to complement the article;
– contributions can be in either Maltese or English;
– contributions should be sent to in Word format;
– deadlines will be the end of August for the November issue and the end of February for the May issue;
– the MUT reserves the right to decide which articles are published, to adapt and edit the article as required and according to the space available in the publication. Its decisions will be final.

The title “Il-Ħsieb” is inspired by the dual mission of the MUT, which is to look out for the interests of its members (“tieħu ħsieb”) while contributing to an education system that fosters in students critical and intelligent thinking (“ħsieb”).

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