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Reply to the communication received from CRPD

November 16, 2023 at 2:03 pm

Reply to the communication received from CRPD

MUT is publishing the position about the communication from CRPD requesting an amendment to directives. The MUT clarifies that the directives have been issued whilst securing the curricular entitlement of all students including students with disabilities or learning difficulties. At no point did MUT target any student in its directives, let alone vulnerable ones. The following position has been communicated yesterday to the CRPD Commissioner.

Since industrial action was ordered by the Council of the Malta Union of Teachers, the MUT is referring the CRPD request for consideration to Council. 

As a point of clarification, the safeguarding of the health and safety of the student must be ensured beyond any directive. The MUT has always advised educators that they need to consider the wellbeing of students first and foremost in all situations including during industrial action. Whilst the following is never reported publicly, there are various instances where we directed members to safeguard the wellbeing of students above everything else, despite having situations of educators suffering physical harm. 

The MUT management which is composed of educators, is very sensitive to the learning difficulties and disabilities of students and the inclusive model being adopted in schools is the result of agreements between the Education Ministry and the MUT. It is in the interest of MUT that all students receive the best educational provision even during industrial actions. 

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