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Replacement of Laptops in State Schools

August 18, 2015 at 12:10 pm

Replacement of Laptops in State Schools

The Union had ongoing discussions with the Directorates about the pressing need to replace teachers’ laptops, to provide laptops to all teaching grades and to install a station/PC in all classrooms to be connected with the interactive whiteboard. This pressing need has been acknowledged several months ago and both the Union and Directorates had discussed the best way forward.

In a meeting held yesterday with Dr Frank Fabri and Mr Joe Mamo about the issue, the final details about the replacement/supply processes were discussed and the following is the way forward:

– The Ministry shall be issuing two tenders to cover the procurement of laptops and classroom PCs respectively;
– Teaching grades, including LSAs and KGAs, shall be provided with a lightweight laptop;
– A station/PC shall be installed in all classrooms and shall be connected to the interactive whiteboard;
– The replacement/supply of devices shall start as from December 2015.

The Union will continue to follow the issue and will update members accordingly.

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