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Updated Press Release: MUT delves into what occurred at St Theresa College Primary in Santa Venera – the truth has to prevail.

September 24, 2023 at 1:53 pm

Updated Press Release: MUT delves into what occurred at St Theresa College Primary in Santa Venera – the truth has to prevail.

The MUT has been following the situation at St Theresa College Primary in Sta Venera for the past months and has not made any statements throughout not to prejudice the fact-finding board which was established by the Education Ministry earlier this summer.  Sta Venera primary was a good school, with good educators and led by a good management. Yet a particular teacher and a small group of educators sought the assistance of Upe for petty issues which in similar work environments would be addressed in no time through dialogue.

Yet this was not what Upe was after. Repeating the same strategy adopted at ITS some months ago, with an escalation in media which resulted in the termination of employment of two teachers, Upe escalated the matter with directives to the particular teacher and mud throwing with an endless list of lies in media, in a clear attempt to prejudice the case being heard by the fact finding board. The attack was aimed at the entire school, particularly the Head of School and the Director General who could not reply to the attack publicly not to prejudice the board fact-finding process. The outcome of the ordeal was that the case was so messed up with such an interference from Upe that the Ministry was not left with any other route than to deploy to other schools all the SMT members and the particular teacher.

Members of Upe who spoke to MUT stated that they approached Upe only to have advice on a number of issues and not to act on their behalf to have the school attacked publicly leading to the most unwarranted of outcomes. Other MUT members at the school explained to MUT that the school is now on its knees thanks to the irresponsible actions of Upe who chose to back the particular teacher and mount a case against the administration instead of seeing to the needs of the entire school community. Other educators and parents who spoke publicly in social media listed the grave shortcomings of the particular teacher who was backed by Upe whilst praising the Head of School and the school management.

Some parents, who also signed a petition to this effect, also stated that they were ready to protest with the Ministry should their children be in the Upe-backed teacher’s class. Others were shocked by the damage which occurred to the school community by Upe and protested on the social media page of the same union. After seeing the social media outrage, Upe has blocked their comments.

The MUT shall continue to support its members at the school and also the educators who were deployed.

Update 27th September: The MUT notes the reply issued by Upe to try to dismiss the contents of this communication after noting the backlash that was received on its media. The MUT stands by its position in its entirety and is backed by member’s assertions of the case. Upe claimed that MUT only followed the situation at Sta Venera in the last months as opposed to the Upe following the situation for the past two years. If two years of work of Upe led to the unprecedented transfer of the entire SMT and their supported teacher, bringing the entire community on its knee, God forbid what would happen if Upe is entrusted with other serious situations in schools.

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