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Press Release, 1st May 2023 – Workers’ Day

May 1, 2023 at 7:00 am

Press Release, 1st May 2023 – Workers’ Day

The MUT expresses its appreciation to the invaluable work of educators on the celebration of Workers’ Day. Educators have a great responsibility in instilling the love for learning in students and in helping them to achieve their potential. The work of educators goes beyond the subjects taught, but the pastoral assistance of students is an essential work of educators.

Educators are very often making up for various shortcomings and they go beyond their lines of duties to help their students. For many students, educators are the only stable reference point and the sole models to emulate. All students deserve the best educators and hence every stakeholder must value the work of educators or we may lose them.

It is no news that our country needs more educators and therefore all efforts must be made to ensure that educators may continue to give the best services in the sector whilst more youth are attracted to the profession. Workers’ day should remind us that educators make all other professions possible, hence the need for more trust, respect and support to all educators.

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