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Of truth and lies

November 9, 2023 at 8:56 am

Of truth and lies

MUT is notifying the developments to-date in relation to the sectoral agreement being negotiated

Monday- MUT council met to discuss recent developments in the sectoral agreement negotiations 

Tuesday-MUT met members of the working groups to update about the status of the agreement and to provide feedback about negotiations which relate to the work carried out by working groups

Wednesday-MUT met members to provide updates about negotiations of the sectoral agreement 

Thursday-MUT shall be meeting members in Gozo to provide updates about negotiations of the sectoral agreement. 

Any other information about the sectoral agreement negotiations which is not being issued by the MUT is a lie intended solely to deprive members from obtaining what is due from the sectoral agreement. 

MUT has called for unity in collective matters of educators which are only negotiated by MUT but evidently some others want to have educators divided. It is now up to educators to decide, whether to work for the common good or for the individual interests of some. MUT will always work for the common good of educators.

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