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Objection to plans for GEM16+

June 30, 2022 at 12:27 pm

Objection to plans for GEM16+

The MUT was in communication with the DES after it was informed about their plans to relocate Student Services to the premises currently used by GEM16+. Whilst this decision has been taken without any consultation with the school and the union, the MUT stated that it is opposing strongly any plans to use the current premises of GEM16+ for another use, to relocate GEM16+, or any other decision affecting the operation of GEM16+.

The union stated that it is evident that the interest of students attending the programme is not at heart when taking such decisions, and that the interest of a school built thanks to the efforts of all educators is being side-lined. In its communication, the MUT stated that it is opposing this decision and shall be directing its members accordingly.

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