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Obituary – George Mifsud

November 28, 2016 at 4:26 pm

Obituary – George Mifsud

The MUT sadly reports the passing away of George Mifsud, a loyal and hard-working teacher who for many years helped the Union in various roles. George was a unique person, always with a smile, helpful, loyal, patient and caring towards everyone. For many years he taught primary classes and his favourite subject, history. After his retirement he remained active within the Union’s Retired Committee and for many years he was also the chairperson of the Union’s electoral committee. He used to visit the MUT once or twice a week to help out in odd secretarial jobs voluntarily. George was also very active in his parish where he used to help out regularly.

The funeral will be held on Wednesday 30th November at 9am at the Attard Parish church.

Photo: George winning the MUT Award for Long Standing Loyalty.

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