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MUT Signs Agreement on Mobility of workers

July 31, 2015 at 11:00 am

MUT Signs Agreement on Mobility of workers

The Union and the Government have signed an agreement on the principle which will enable all Teachers, Kindergarten Assistants and Learning Support Assistants to retain their salary progression if they are employed with another employer. The agreement, which was signed on Wednesday 30th July, is also inviting all the other employers, including Church and Independent schools, involved in education to ratify and sign their intention to agree with this principle.

At this initial moment in time, all the said grades who get employed from the date of the signing onwards with state schools will be given the salary progression (as per government salary scales) according to the years of experience worked in licensed schools in Malta. Once the Archbishop’s Secretariat writes to ratify the agreement for its own schools, Teachers / LSAs / KGAs who (after signing) move to Church schools from other licensed schools in Malta will be able to retain their salary progression as per established scales depending on the practice accumulated in the respective profession.

The same will hold for independent schools, which would have to ratify this agreement individually.

In the mean time the Union will be writing to all non state employers to ask them to ratify this agreement as soon as possible. The Union will also publish the employers’ signatories to this agreement when this is signed.

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