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MUT requests issuing of call for KGE3

April 24, 2020 at 2:24 pm

MUT requests issuing of call for KGE3

The MUT has requested MEDE to issue the call for KGE3 immediately so that it is aligned with the scholastic year. In a communication, the Union stated that there is a new cohort of university students completing a B.A. ECEC this academic year and they rightly want to join employment as KGEs. Unfortunately last year the call was issued in December, which led to an unacceptable situation whereby newly qualified educators either went through a period of unemployment or left the profession by finding an alternative employment. This cannot be repeated, particularly when the amount of newly qualified educators each year is very limited.

In conclusion, the Union stated that had in fact already requested for the call to be issued in conjunction with the call for teachers, something which has not been carried out so far. It therefore repeated its request accordingly.

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