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MUT presents petition asking for a more humane justice system

September 22, 2016 at 4:12 pm

MUT presents petition asking for a more humane justice system

The Malta Union of Teachers has today presented an online petition after it collected almost 2,000 signatures asking for a more humane justice system. With this, the MUT is raising awareness that it is totally inhuman and unacceptable that court cases where the career, reputation and the very life of a person are at stake remain pending for years on end. The petition, collected over a few days, was circulated mainly with educators and also gathered the support of other professions. The petition was inspired by the Karen Mercieca case, the LSA dragged into a case and who 5 years down the line, her plight is far from over with sittings on the appeal case dragging for over one year with hardly an end in sight.

Speaking to the press in front of the Law Courts, MUT President Kevin Bonello stated that “the MUT does not want to condemn the courts or any particular Judge. However, both parties have been promising changes in this regard for years, but promises remain promises. It is about time that from political promises of all sorts, this country builds a human-centred service that reflects a modern responsible society which truly takes care of the people.”

Following the press conference, the petition was submitted to the Minister for Justice, Culture and Local Government Hon. Minister Owen Bonnici, who represented the Government on behalf of the Prime Minister. The petition will also be presented to the Opposition.

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