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MUT objects to Sliema Mayor remarks on timed parking

June 9, 2016 at 1:12 pm

MUT objects to Sliema Mayor remarks on timed parking

The MUT refers to comments made by the Mayor of Sliema, Mr. Anthony Chircop, regarding objections to his proposed residents’ parking scheme. The Mayor reportedly said that educators working at schools in Sliema were the only ones who complained about the scheme whilst stating that the MUT hardly had any knowledge of the scheme during a meeting held.

The MUT is objecting to the remarks made by the said Mayor, who seems to have forgotten that his proposed parking scheme would have meant that every employee providing services in Sliema, including educators, would have to shift his/her car every 120 minutes to avoid incurring hefty fines. The Mayor only accepted to meet MUT Officials following a request from the same Union, with the meeting characterised by a shower of shouting and criticism towards Union Officials where the Union’s alternative proposals were not even listened to.

Furthermore, it is evident that to date there was not any consultation with employers and employees providing services in the locality. If the Mayor wanted to obtain a clear picture of the parking situation at his locality, in the study which has been commissioned he should have included all employers and employees providing services at Sliema.

The Union will not accept a situation where educators need to abandon students to move their cars around every two hours to avoid fines and will again resort to industrial action if such a scheme is implemented.

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