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MUT objects to Incredible Financial Guarantee Request on Courses

May 23, 2018 at 4:41 pm

MUT objects to Incredible Financial Guarantee Request on Courses

The MUT wrote to the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Education and Employment expressing its bafflement after participants for the reading recovery training have been requested to sign a contract to provide a guarantee of €20,000 or else to use the equivalent value of the family property as a guarantee. Whilst this is highly objectionable, as it could potentially lead to the loss of the family’s household, the Union said that it cannot understand how the Ministry is expecting teaching grades to carry out training by binding them with such conditions. Added to this, the Ministry is providing its notary to carry out such under-writings. The MUT stated that it expects that the matter is rectified and any guarantee is borne by the same Ministry. Teaching grades are to be supported and respected rather than possibly being deprived of their home, financial security or years of savings.

In view of this, the MUT is directing members not to sign such financial guarantee documents and to contact the Union should any pressure be exerted in this regard.

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