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MUT Meetings to get feedback on implementation of LOF

February 19, 2019 at 3:19 pm

MUT Meetings to get feedback on implementation of LOF

The MUT is holding a series of meetings with members to get feedback on the implementation of the LOFs. These will be held at the MUT Office as follows:

– English – Thursday 28th February at 4pm
– Primary – Friday 8th March at 4pm
– Kindergarten – Wednesday 13th March at 4pm
– Geography / History / Social Studies – Thursday 14th March at 4pm
– Foreign Languages – Thursday 21st March at 4pm
– PE / Music / Art / Drama – Friday 22nd March at 4pm
– ICT – Tuesday 26th March at 4pm
– Maths – Thursday 28th March at 4pm
– Maltese – Wednesday 3rd April at 4pm
– Religion / Ethics – Thursday 4th April at 4pm
– PSCD / Home Economics – Wednesday 10th April at 4pm
– Design & Technology / Science – Thursday 11th April at 4pm

Members are encouraged to attend while non-members are welcome to join by enrolling with the MUT before the meeting. Please fill in the form HERE and chose the relevant meeting accordingly. The MUT thanks members in advance for their support.

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