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MUT issued second trade dispute with MCAST

June 4, 2021 at 3:13 pm

MUT issued second trade dispute with MCAST

The MUT has given notice of a second industrial dispute with MCAST for the following reasons:

1) Failure of MCAST to sign a new collective agreement for Managers out of spite when the text and negotiations process has passed through all approval stages and is concluded;

2) Failure of MCAST to reach an agreement on Professorship grades unless MUT agrees that Deputy Principals, who are not represented by MUT and are not part of the agreement, benefit from the same without fulfilling the criteria of the agreement;

3) Failure of MCAST to initiate negotiations on Directors, Deputies and Student Mentors although MUT has the recognition of respective grades;

4) Failure of MCAST to recognise new grades who joined MUT despite MUT having the majority of members.

The MUT stated that it shall be meeting members to discuss the way forward and to issue industrial actions as applicable.

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