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Meetings – MUT objections

May 13, 2020 at 11:11 am

Meetings – MUT objections

The MUT has communicated with MEDE regarding meetings being held by school management during the periods when educators should be working on their core teaching duties. The union is informed that some schools are organising regular meetings which are not timetabled. There were reports of meetings having a duration of 5 hours, meetings which were called 15 minutes prior to the start, meetings which were held in the evening and meetings which were called during holidays/weekends. The union protested about these abusive practices and is ready to issue directives to members if this situation persists.

Furthermore, in view of the persistence of some schools to refrain from adhering to the directions of the working group despite notifications, the MUT is ready to take all actions to safeguard the interest of members at the respective schools.

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