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MCAST rewriting of units – an update

February 2, 2016 at 4:40 pm

MCAST rewriting of units – an update

The MUT wrote to the MCAST Principal on the recent discussion and exchange of mails about the issue of rewriting of units. The MUT made particular reference to the fact that this issue is still unresolved, and therefore the related directives in still in place. The Union stated that it considers that a Unit falls under the bracket of rewriting and/or total reshape (of units) if more than 50% needs to be changed, excluding cases that units are rewritten by lecturer’s own choice in spite of the material being good for use. In this light, the Union, as pre-advised, would like to clarify that if this matter remains unresolved it would have no choice but to direct members to refrain from lecturing on affected units as from the start of the upcoming semester (15th February). The Union concluded that it is open to discussions if MCAST wills, especially in terms of proper compensation to affected persons.

In a reply, the MCAST Principal stated that it would be a pity if such a directive is issued when there is scope for an agreement. A meeting is being held later on this week to discuss another matter and he suggested that this matter is discussed as well.

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