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MCAST Lecturers approve Collective Agreement with overwhelming vote

June 25, 2018 at 3:40 pm

MCAST Lecturers approve Collective Agreement with overwhelming vote

With 95% of the member vote in favour, MCAST lecturers in both Malta and Gozo have today agreed to conditions and salaries and part of a new Collective Agreement for the College. In a meeting held earlier today, MCAST lecturers voted overwhelmingly to approve new work conditions that include, among others, a vastly improved financial package over the next five years including an increase in the work resources fund, new progression grades, a new contact hours structure, more flexi-time and an addition to the special leave and paternal leave entitlement.

In a comment the MUT President Marco Bonnici stated that “the MUT would like to thank all its members at MCAST, particularly the Union Delegates for their involvement in the whole process. Their work was instrumental in achieving the conditions of this agreement especially during the most difficult periods of negotiations when we had to other option but to take industrial action. The Union looks forward to a new culture in which members at MCAST are considered professionals as much as educators working at any other College and University providing equivalent educational experiences”.

Meanwhile, the MUT would also like to thank the MCAST management team, the Minister for Education and Employment and other high Public Service Officials for their interventions to achieve this agreement. Specialised meetings with Learning Support Educators, Technicians and Support Services will now follow in order to conclude the process.

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