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Make sure you provide the MUT with the correct email address

April 21, 2020 at 5:05 pm

Make sure you provide the MUT with the correct email address

Especially in the current circumstances, when information is being forwarded mainly through email and other online means, the MUT would like to issue a call for members to update their information provided to the MUT. Particularly, members should make sure that they provide a valid email address that is used regularly so as to receive all correspondence, including these newsletters, and have access to the Members’ Area of the MUT website at MUT.ORG.MT.

To inform us about your current email address, please fill in the form HERE. Furthermore, if any of your colleagues are paid-up members of the MUT but do not receive any updates and information, please inform them about the link as well. Also, in an effort to double check the information related to retired members, we are asking these members to include the postal address as well.

Once the correct email address has been updated in our system, you can also access the Members’ Area at MUT.ORG.MT to confirm and/or update all the information that we keep about you. Meanwhile you are welcome to contact the Union on 2123 7815 or in case of any queries as per usual practice. The MUT thanks all members for their continued support.

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