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Inadequate Courses Venues

July 6, 2017 at 3:55 pm

Inadequate Courses Venues

The MUT wrote to the DG DES after a course held in the past days in Gozo gave rise to several complaints due to inadequate conditions, particularly the number of attendants in a confined space and the excessive temperature. The MUT reiterates that such inadequate conditions are unheard of in other professions and appeals to the concerned authorities to get their act together at once on these most basic issues. The Union repeated the appeal to the respective offices to ensure that venues for courses are adequate, particularly with regards to the number of participants in a single room and the room temperature.

The MUT, meanwhile, was in discussion on some INSET venues to make sure past issues are not repeated this year. The Union appreciates all the feedback it gets, especially from members who experience any such unfortunate circumstances, in order to look into these issues accordingly.

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