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Government proposals will lead to second and third-class lecturers at MCAST

February 22, 2018 at 11:58 am

Government proposals will lead to second and third-class lecturers at MCAST

Following a number of conciliation meetings with MCAST, the MUT cannot accept the hastily issued proposals made on the eve of industrial action. The latest offer made by MCAST will lead to second and third-class lecturers at the expense of lecturers of vocational subjects. MCAST started as a vocational college, and with the current drive on vocational and applied subjects, one would have expected more appreciation of the vocational aspect of education and its educators.

Addressing the media in front of MCAST main gate in Paola, flanked by Union officials, delegates and members, MUT President Marco Bonnici stated that “the MUT cannot accept a divide between the vocational and academic sectors in the same institution. Such a scenario would effectively mean, for example, that a new academic lecturer would get a better financial package than lecturers who have been providing a service to MCAST since its beginning 17 years ago”.

There are also other points in which discussions have stalled, and these include work resources, the financial package for 2018 and increases until the end of the agreement under discussion and the number of lessons per week.

The MUT also notes that following the court mandate charade, the right to legitimate action has been restored and one hopes that trade unionistic rights are protected, along with the value of freedom of association and representation and the fundamental right to manifest dissent through their representative body.

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