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UPDATED: General Directives for all teaching grades as from Monday 30th October 2017

October 25, 2017 at 2:08 pm

UPDATED: General Directives for all teaching grades as from Monday 30th October 2017

Dear member,

As you can see from the press release issued, this morning we declared a dispute with the Government and stated that we will be issuing general directives and order a strike. The reasons are outlined in the press release as well.

The following are the first 15 directives for ALL teaching grades, which are to start as from Monday 30th October 2017. Others will follow, together with a one-day strike for all grades in State and Church Schools on Wednesday 8th November, and a one-hour strike for all grades at MCAST and ITS on the same day.

It has to be made clear that duties not carried out during industrial action are not to be requested to be done at a later stage. Also, please spread the word with everyone and tell your colleagues that as per industrial law, any non-members who follow directives and strikes are provided full protection as well.

Here is the first list of directives. I thank you for your continued support – let’s stand up and act together as one Union.

Marco Bonnici
MUT President

General Directives for all teaching grades as from Monday 30th October 2017 (updated on 26-10-2017 with clarifications)

No answering of emails
No answering of telephone calls – the Union is excluding internal calls between educators from this directive.
No scheduled meetings with parents – this includes parents’ days and parents’ evenings
No assessment reports or comments – this refers to schools that issue assessments with a report or comment.
No SDP meetings – including staff meetings when students are sent home early
No work related to SDP – including work carried out during breaks
No PD Sessions
No collection of money
No use of Fronter or other eLearning platform – for example Klikks and Edmodo. This includes online attendance
No daily/weekly schedules
No work on IEPs – including filling in of documents and meetings
No work related to exam papers
No meetings outside school / place of work – for example training sessions for guidance teachers, meetings held at the Ministry, the Institute for Education or other institutions, meetings of HODs with EOs and mentoring of NQTs
No Class visits – if visits are held, teachers are to walk out. The only exceptions are visits related to progression and those related to training/teaching practice.
No College of Heads – including any other meetings for Heads of Schools in both State and Church schools


Other Clarifications Regarding Announced Directives (Last updated on 30-10-2017)

1) Announced directives are applicable to all grades including (BUT NOT LIMITED TO) KGAs, LSAs, Teachers, Heads of Departments, Assistant Heads, INCOs, Heads of School, Learning Support Centre staff including managers, EO’s, and Student Services covered under Sectoral Agreements. This also includes all Regular and Supply grades, peripatetic and teachers at Higher Secondary. Please note this list is not exhaustive and is meant only as a guideline based on queries received. Industrial action is for ALL teaching grades in State and Church schools. If still in doubt, please ask your school Delegate, a Council Member or send an email to

2) All members and non-members are covered as per industrial law, i.e. ALL who follow directives and strikes are provided full protection including supply grades and grades on probation.

3) The second batch of directives if the situation is status quo will be announced next week to be effective as from Monday 6th November.

4) The communication book with parents is not affected by the directives carried out as from Monday 30th October.

The 5% explained (27/10/2017)

The following is the percentage increase being proposed – and not accepted by the Union – explained:

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