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Directive on providing grades/assessment marks

March 20, 2020 at 3:14 pm

Directive on providing grades/assessment marks

The MUT has been informed that some teachers are being requested to provide grades to students. MUT notes that assessment is an objective exercise and this objectivity cannot be ascertained during this period. Members are therefore being directed to refrain from providing any grades to students.

On a related note, the MUT contacted the Director General for Curriculum, Lifelong Learning and Employability after it was informed that a school told teachers to continue to input assessments in MySchool. The MUT stated that this is unacceptable and that it needs to be stopped. Members are hereby being directed not to input assessments in MySchool or other platforms and to instead pay attention to circulars issued by the working group created following school closure, and in which the MUT is participating, for the way forward. Any issues or pressures should be reported to the MUT as per usual channels.

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